I’ve Learned I’m Not Alone

I've Learned I'm Not Alone

Since I started Purple Day I know that I am not really alone. I found out that if I had a big house and invited 1000 people over, 100 people would have epilepsy. If I invited 100 people over at least one person would have epilepsy.

When you see someone having a seizure and it lasts longer than 5 minutes call an ambulance, but NEVER put something in their mouth or pin them down, just move any sharp objects out of the way and stay with them to make sure they are alright and never run away unless it is to get help. When the seizure is over ask them if they are alright, if they know what happened and help them inside to go rest.

Epilepsy can be scary when you first find out you have it but it is ok because once you learn about it and get use to it, it is not as scary.

When you see a seizure it can be scary because you are worried about them, but they are ok. If you learn about Epilepsy and what to do it won’t be scary anymore. That is what I hope Purple day will help with too.

I also want to thank the epilepsy Association of Nova Scotia, and the Canadian Epilepsy Alliance for all their support and help. I also want to thank everyone in the world for their support too.

You can learn more and where too contact all over the world for help at www.purpleday.org

Cassidy Megan

Cassidy Megan is 10 years old and she has epilepsy. She founded Purple Day to educate others about epilepsy and spread the word that people with epilepsy are ordinary people just like everyone else.

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