It Was Amazing!

While I was in New York I got to see a lot of things. Did you know that Toys R Us has a 60-foot Ferris wheel inside and a huge Barbie House and a 40-foot dinosaur? It was soo cool!!

I also saw the Empire State Building, The Statue of Liberty and Time Square and a bunch of famous restaurants. I also met this wonderful manicurist named Jackie Saulsbery, she did mine and Jamie’s nails in Purple!

I want to say “Thank You” to the Anita Kaufmann Foundation and Debbie Joseph’s for flying me to New York. I had a lot of fun. I also want to thank everyone who came to the party. It was nice meeting everyone.

Other things I have done for Purple Day this year are, I made a PSA for the radio and a PSA for TV, you can see them on our website (

I was also on Breakfast television. I have done a lot of other interviews too and Moose FM in Ontario is doing a story on me.

A new friend Aaron, is also doing a mini documentary of me and Purple Day. You can see all kinds of things that are going on at our website.

Published on: March 25, 2009
About the Author
Photo of Cassidy Megan

Cassidy Megan is 10 years old and she has epilepsy. She founded Purple Day to educate others about epilepsy and spread the word that people with epilepsy are ordinary people just like everyone else.

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