It May Not Be What You Think It Is

It May Not Be What You Think It Is

I have epilepsy and founded Purple day but I do other things to. I like to paint and play with my friends. I like to watch movies and do jig saw puzzles. I also like to hang out with my family.

I am an actress and have been in commercials, background for movies and had the lead in a short film called Ugly Girl. Oh ya, when I was in New York we were in the background for a part of Gossip Girl. I am also a cheerleader and Girl Guide.

About Epilepsy, there are all different kinds of epilepsy and seizures (like convulsions which I don’t have). I have complex partial seizures. Sometimes when I have a seizure I get really sad or feel scared for no reason, just like that in a quick of a snap, than I get really tired.

Sometimes my seizures make me zone out. Sometimes when I go to school I have a seizure and I sometimes miss things and don’t quite know what is going on or what to do, but my teacher helps me.

Cassidy Megan

Cassidy Megan is 10 years old and she has epilepsy. She founded Purple Day to educate others about epilepsy and spread the word that people with epilepsy are ordinary people just like everyone else.

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