How to Find a Great Babysitter or Nanny

How to Find a Great Babysitter or Nanny

Who said going out with your sweetie on a date night would never happen after having a baby? Well, I believe going out on a date night is a must to keep your relationship strong and friends are bound to invite you out to a special event. So, it’s definitely in your best interest to find a good babysitter if you don’t have mom or sis to help out. 

If you’re a new parent how do you find the best babysitter to take care of your child? Itsabelly Baby Planners has helped many new families find babysitters and nannies. Here are some of our key tips to finding someone you’re comfortable with and trust with your child.

The American Red Cross does not provide certified babysitter referrals however parents have several options to locate a babysitter in their area:

  1. One option is to locate the nearest Park and Recreation center and ask if parents can post a notice looking for sitter.
  2. A second option is to take out a personal ad in the high school newspaper at the school located nearest you. Check with the career counselor as parents can often place a notice on their job board. Sometimes, this same option works well at the middle school level.
  3. A third option is Sitter City or Parents can look at the number of sitters registered in their zip code area for free; but it will cost the parent to access the sitter information.
  • Ask Around – Ask neighbors, friends, other moms if they know of a good babysitter or nanny
  • Check Ads – Babysitters post ads on community boards in churches, libraries and sites like Craig’s List
  • Post an Ad – Use sources like Craig’s List, or go to your local college/university and post on their job opening board
  • Prepare for the Interview – prep your list of questions. Run a background check if the sitter has professional experience as a nanny. Do reference checks.
  • Arrange a meeting or practice babysitting session with the sitter and your children



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  1. Nathan Johnson

    My wife and I are moving to a new city later this year. We have an amazing baby sitter that we would love to take with us, but we are going to have to find a new one. I like your ideas to finding a great sitter and I appreciate the resources that you have posted here. What kinds of questions would you ask before hiring a sitter? Thanks for the info!


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