How Moms can be Empowered Health Consumers

Being an empowered health consumer is becoming more and more important. Empowered health consumers know how to take charge of their health and are proactive in their care. Whether they’re surfing the web for health information, visiting their doctor or health care professional, or a patient in the hospital; empowered health consumers know how to question and communicate.

Becoming an empowered health consumer is important for Moms because they are often responsible for championing healthcare for their children, their parents, their mate, and of course, for themselves.

It’s fortunate that Moms are an empowered group of women who band together and typically have no problem speaking up on issues that are important to them. Moms are thirsty for health information, and are active on the front lines of technology. They know how to navigate the Internet to obtain health info. Many are active in social communities and they exchange patient stories and share ideas with each other.

This week I’d like to help Moms become more empowered health consumers. I’ll be discussing Understanding Health News, Questions to Ask, What Moms Should Carry In Their Wallets and Online Resources for Becoming an Empowered Health Consumer.

I look forward to your input!

Published on: January 11, 2010
About the Author
Photo of Barbara Ficarra RN BSN MPA

Barbara is an award-winning journalist, media broadcaster, media trainer, medical blogger, speaker, and health expert. She is creator, executive producer and host of the Health in 30 radio show, a live 30-minute program that brings listeners the latest health and medical news and information with leading medical experts, and empowers listeners to take charge of their health.

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