How Men Think About Food & Sex: Part 1

How Men Think About Sex Rocket

The health value of dinner and having sex are not usually in the same sentence for men. But they belong there.

Sex is good for you for a lot of reasons, but the benefits are different for men and women.

Take this new book trailer, for example: the food at the beginning means, well, you’re not getting laid.

The food and activities at the end mean you are–you’re fit, you can care for others, including a partner and children, you can be a modern man: a healthy man.

Sex quality is most valued by women, and quantity by men. And as men get older, they need to Refuel to improve performance.

Sex may help women who have migraine headaches have fewer headaches and less intense pain. It’s thought that an endorphin boost, the body’s natural morphine, is responsible.

Sex may help men with cardio (really going at it can burn 140+ calories per hour: men wish they could last this long). And if you have failure to launch? About 40% of men who visit the doctor for erectile dysfunction have been shown to have occult heart disease.

And for both women and men, sex can help with looking younger: up to 13 years younger than their biological, real age.

Food can help men and women have better and more sex…if you use it and its powerful nutritional qualities to bridge the gender gap of health between men and women. Men die 5.2 years earlier, get three times as many heart attacks before age 64, get diabetes at a lower BMI, and more often than do women.

The culprit? It could be stress; it could be sleep deprivation; it could be toxins in the water and environment. It could even be suboptimal communication between men and women about getting to the doctor, and taking care of yourself, and your relationship.

But the real culprit is too many foods and beverages that create toxic, internal belly fat: which in men churn out estrogen like it’s going out of style. Not healthy.

What have you done to get your guy to the doctor? Does talking about sex, family or the kids help? Tell me a story here about food and sex.

John La Puma

John La Puma MD is a best selling author, practicing physician, board-certified in internal medicine, and writes recipes on prescription slips, too. His latest book is REFUEL™ - Dr La Puma's 24-Day Eating Plan to Shed Fat, Boost Testosterone and Pump Up Strength and Stamina.

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  1. I’m very excited to help readers, end junk food for babies, improve fertility in couples, and help people solve the problems that men, food and sex can present :) Thank you for the privilege of posting with you!


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