How Men In White Lab Coats Have Stolen Your Parental Rights

The grocery store has become a battleground. Not the kind where Republicans and Democrats duke it out, but where giant food companies steal parental rights.

The grocery store has become a political battleground. It’s not the kind of political battle where Republicans and Democrats duke it out. It’s a battle ground where scientists in white lab coats and giant food companies steal the rights from moms, dads, grandparents, doctors & nurses, chefs & school cafeterias, and the rest of the community. It’s a battleground of food and whether or not  you have the right to know if a certain technology is used in the preparation of your food.

That technology is genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

What is a GMO?

Genetically modified organisms or GMOs, are plants or animals that have had their genetic makeup altered. They have been genetically engineered with the DNA of another bacteria, virus, plant or animal and thus changing the fundamental makeup of that species. It’s only possible in a laboratory with scientists in lab coats with gene guns. It’s not possible in your backyard and it wasn’t possible thousands of years ago. GMOs are a very new technology that haven’t had any independent long term testing to determine their safety. In fact, it’s barely been in the food supply for 20 years, but it’s in about 80% or more of the items in your grocery store. So regardless if you’re interested in the science or not, it affects your family at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Why Biotechnology Companies & Food Companies Want to Keep You in the Dark

Over the past two years, biotechnology and big food companies, such as Monsanto, have spent millions and millions and millions of dollars to keep you in the dark about GMOs in their foods. That’s because it’s estimated that over 80% of grocery store items are contaminated with GMO ingredients. They are afraid of what YOU would do if you found out. Would you make better decisions? Possibly. They just don’t want to find out and thus they want to keep you from knowing.

Never in our history has our food been so fundamentally changed without our consent or acknowledgement. And state by state, parents are fighting for their right to know whether their food is genetically modified or not. And because as parents we have a family to feed, this isn’t a laughing matter. Men in white lab coats have taken basic parental rights away from us—the ability to control what our families eat.

Why Russians & Chinese Have More Rights Than Americans

There are 65 countries around the world that either ban OR label GMOs for potential health reasons, but the United States is NOT one of them. In fact, countries like Russia & China give their citizens the right to know, but ironically in the free world, we do not. It seems pretty hypocritical when you think of how important freedom is to us. Freedom is important UNLESS you are talking about food and then that’s different. We don’t really have the right to know. But do we?

People don’t like to be kept in the dark. And my grandma used to say “when people try to hide something from you, it’s usually not about your best interests, it’s about theirs.” And because The Right to Know Movement has sprung up and demanded state by state for the right to know, big food and biotech can’t rely on you being ignorant about your food anymore. In a sense, the Right to Know campaign has been pulling the veil back and exposing this technology for what it is—young, independently untested, banned in other countries for health concerns, and potentially dangerous. More and more people are noticing as it becomes a mainstream issue.

Labeling GMOs is Not a Partisan Issue

About 93% of the country, both Republicans and Democrats, believes GMOs should be labeled. In fact, 89% of Republicans, 90% of Independents and 93% of Democrats are in favor of GMO labeling.

Almost every state in the nation today has a Right to Know chapter pushing their local state governments to pass labeling legislation.

Things are happening. And quickly. Will you be a part of it?

Published on: April 25, 2014
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Leah is a food activist and social media consultant. She is the founder of Mamavation®, the ShiftCon Social Media Conference, and the Bookieboo Network with over 10,000 bloggers who support wellness related, green, and healthy campaigns for causes and brands.

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Very Intelligent Presentation. Say NO to GMO we have. And we will stand by our decision until they agree and begin marketing REAL food called Organic now. OR? they will go out of business.

A very well written article. It’s clear as day that GMO contamination
is a huge issue, not only around health but human rights. Another issue
perhaps even beyond the extreme toxicity of GMO’s is that when Monsanto
or these other huge multinational chemical giants create a gene
modification whether plant or animal it becomes a patent of the
company. It gives them the “right” to own LIFE. Between patented seed
and now fish we have a rather big problem. It’s called the beginning of
a food monopoly owned by the same people who created Agent Orange.
What next? patenting human life? Well It’s now being reported that
they’re already working on it, and all behind a well guarded curtain of big money, dirty politics and fear. It’s time to stand up and say ENOUGH.

The facts are astounding, aren’t they? It’s a wonder any parents who are informed would accept GMOs in so much of our food system – unlabeled!

There is a quiet revolution going on. While the corporations,having only one concern for their own selfish profiteering, put money way above the health of the people and planet. As they toll and squabble about how to squeeze every last drop out of us, we are standing quietly up and declaring our rights as people of this earth. We want our world safe for our children and for their children and so on. This should NOT be compromised by a corporation with short sighted monetary goals.Together we can beat this insane type of economic ideology! Stand up ladies!