How Can We Protect Our Kids If We Don’t Know What We’re Trying to Protect Them From?

How Can We Protect Our Kids If We Don't Know What We're Trying to Protect Them From?

Recently, we heard from a mom who was struggling to learn about what ingredients were used in her daughter’s diaper. She had contacted the major manufacturer and the response was close to this: “we can’t share the ingredients because it’s a trade secret, but if your doctor sends us a letter outlining your child’s allergies, we can let you know if there’s anything that might trigger a reaction.”


With an increasing population of children with conditions like allergies, chemical sensitivities, behavioral disorders, and celiac disease how can this still be the case? If you use a product and your child has a severe reaction and needs immediate medical attention, how can health professionals adequately respond if they don’t know what exactly the child may have been exposed to?

In addition to the potential immediate, acute reactions, what about the growing population of parents trying to avoid toxic chemicals?

We’ve had ingredients labels on food and pharmaceuticals for decades (though even those aren’t always as transparent as we’d like – thus, the need for things like labels to let us know if there’s ‘pink slime’ in our meat or genetically modified organisms in our food.) But, what about everything else we surround ourselves with?

What do you think? Do you have a right-to-know?

One thing we feel passionately about is United States chemical regulatory reformation. Right now, please get involved by learning more and signing the petition telling Congress to take action on the Safe Chemicals Act! Please sign & share!

Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan

Actress, mother and advocate, Jessica Alba and author, former CEO of Healthy Child Healthy World, and father, Christopher Gavigan are also Co-Founders of The Honest Company, a monthly service that delivers customized bundles of non-toxic, eco-friendly, adorable products directly to your front door.

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