Homemade Treats Made Healthier

Homemade Treats Made Healthier

Everyone loves a treat now and then and eating healthier doesn’t mean leaving everything you love behind. To start you just need to make a few substitutions in your existing recipes.

Whole wheat pastry flour is your new best friend. It’s a low protein soft variety of wheat that’s ground finer than regular whole wheat flour. This makes it lighter in texture and color than regular whole wheat flour, but it’s still full of fiber and vitamins. It’s also not as easily discovered by picky eaters.

Many cookie and cake recipes are still just as tasty with less sugar. You can also try switching up sweeteners and experiment with agave nectar or stevia that causes less of a blood sugar spike.

Pureed dates and applesauce do double duty as light whole food sweeteners that also can replace part or all of the oil in sweet recipes as well.

Sometimes you don’t even need an oil replacement. In the Baked Almond Donuts with Chocolate Glaze recipe, they taste moist without any added fat!

Kathy Hester

Kathy Hester spends her free time transforming her front yard into a veggie garden, entertaining (vegan fondue anyone?), writing her blog, Healthy Slow Cooking, and developing delicious meatless recipes that even picky eaters and omnivores love.

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