Healthy School Birthday Treats

Healthy School Birthday Treats

Recently, after a prolonged period of “promote the sugar high” my child’s school laid down some rules. Up to that point, to my frustration parents and teachers seem to, on a daily basis, ply the children with candy, cupcakes, cookies, marshmallows and other sweets.

  • Birthday? Bring in cupcakes with mile high frosting.
  • Holiday? Bring in the candy and cookies.
  • Math class? Let’s count M&Ms.
  • Tuesday? How about marshmallows?


To say I was getting a little peeved is an understatement. Fortunately I wasn’t the only one and a new rule was put in place. No candy, no frosting, no high sugar treats allowed.

This has met with some success though; it seems there is still a bit of “bending the rules.” Not by me.

While cookies (sans candy in or on top), brownies and other baked goods are still allowed as long as they don’t violate the “no candy, no frosting rule”, we are encouraged to bring healthier snacks. And so I’ve accepted and yes, embraced the challenge.

Here are some of my favorite alternatives. What you can bring of course depends on whether you are dropping off or attending the event.

  • Fruit skewers
  • Cupcakes with homemade whipped cream frosting
  • Large juicy strawberries
  • Popcorn in festive bags
  • Organic, low sugar cookies or brownies
  • Pineapple Boats
  • Apples and your apple peeler/corer for a fun activity
  • Big, soft pretzels
  • Smoothies
  • Small wooden toys/rocks/shells


I’m excited about our new rule and need more ideas…what are yours?

MC Milker

A well known marketing expert on green and natural products, MC Milker has published over 300 articles on eco friendly marketing, parenting and green living. Her work has appeared on the Washington Post green site,; on and in numerous other magazines, blogs and journals.

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