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At a recent speaking engagement, a mother ran up to me. Excited and nearly tackling me, she announced, “I just have to tell you, I read Healthy Child’s new book, and honestly, your advice helped me save my son’s life!” Her son, only 18-months-old, had constantly battled asthma. Simple tips from Healthy Child Healthy World had eased his breathing and her worries. As her beautiful toddler sheepishly smiled at me from her arms, his grateful mother asked:

“Is there anything I can do to help you?” The answer is always yes.

Right now, you can help, too. By leaving a comment right here in support of our work.

The (Unfortunate) Reality: More children than ever are being diagnosed with cancer, learning disabilities, asthma, autism, obesity and allergies. They are at risk from harmful chemicals everyday. We all must work to prevent the increase of childhood disease and illness.

The (Fortunate) Reality: Healthy Child exists to ensure all children many healthy days, to give the most vulnerable a voice, and to empower everyone who cares for children’s health and development with needed information.

From our award winning website to our book and printable pocket guides to our Health eHome program in collaboration with WebMD to our advocacy work with health professionals and parent groups across the country – we make the most critical advice and credible health strategies accessible to all. Healthy Child Healthy World is igniting a movement that protects children by creating cleaner, greener, safer environments for all children to flourish.

The Hope: We hope you understand the importance of our work and our voice, and hear us when we say, we need you now.

Please leave a comment supporting our work and then visit us and join the movement.

Published on: December 21, 2009
About the Author
Photo of Christopher Gavigan
Christopher Gavigan is Chief Executive Officer of Healthy Child Healthy World. For more than a decade, he has dedicated himself to improving the lives of children and families. He holds degrees in environmental science and geography from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and has extensive graduate training in child psychology and education.
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