Happy Birthday ~the natural way~

Happy Birthday ~the natural way~

In honor of the fact that I just gave birth to my 4th baby River Love, three weeks ago, and we are in the middle celebrating birth, I thought I would write this month’s article on enjoying birthdays the natural way. As parents, we get very excited to celebrate the passing of a year with lovely celebrations for our children.  I have had many moms ask me time and time again how to do this more organically for their little ones.  My philosophy is keep it simple and make it beautiful.  For babies, it’s best to invite a few people rather than tons of folks, because the energy can get a little overwhelming for them.  As your child grows and wants to invite friends over, it’s best to keep it to the most special folks to your child, in order to maintain the focus of the celebration.  Kids don’t need huge celebrations, but rather lovely acknowledgements of their past year.  Keep the décor natural with fresh flowers and handmade goodies.  For our children, we always decorate their spot at the table with fresh flowers and rose petals, have a felted birthday crown waiting for them and a nice candle burning in honor of their special day. We also really enjoy hand made cards and photos of each child over the past year.

When it comes to food, birthday parties can be a challenge for parents who are trying to keep the sugar treats to a minimum and I have parents ask me all the time what they should do.  You have an option of bringing your own handmade treats to parties or decide to allow your children to partake of whatever is at the event, and just keep your own household sugar offerings limited.  Whatever you decide just know that you have options and that you do not have to partake of all the goodies offered at parties.  What I might do with my own kids is allow them to eat the cake, but not candy or sugar drinks.  They are usually happy with that and actually they never eat the whole piece of cake they are given.  Usually after a couple of bites, they move on to something else, and then they feel like they were a part of the birthday celebration, and I actually believe that there is something sacred about everyone at least taking one bite from the birthday cake as an honoring of the celebration of the child.

In my home, when it comes to the star of the party, the cake, we always make the same one for our little ones.  We may change up the toppings or add fresh whipped cream, but it’s a healthy tradition that all the kids enjoy.  I have included our cake recipe for you to enjoy with your little ones as it has no sugar and you can actually feel good about them eating it. For dinner, we always ask what special meal the birthday child wants and the family spends the day cooking that meal together.

These simple gestures make each of our children feel special and honored and I hope these ideas inspire you to create some fun natural family birthday traditions of your own.

Anni Daulter, MSW

Anni is an eco-mama, cook, advocate of sustainable living and author of several books including The Organic Family Cookbook.

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