Guide to Using Less Plastic

Guide to Using Less Plastic With plastics plastered all over the news I am working harder than ever to use less plastic in our home.

I thought I’d share some techniques that work for me in our home.

Use glass containers for food storage: My favorite way to store leftover foods in my fridge is the 6 Cup Rectangular Pyrex dishes with blue lids – we have 8-10 of these and I love this system.

  • Leftovers always look good.
  • They are the perfect size, not to big, not too small.
  • They stack nicely – so things look organized.
  • They are clear so you can see what is inside them and you are more likely to remember what you have and finish it off.
  • They can go in the freezer, oven or microwave.
  • They can go from fridge to table for service.



We use a round pyrex 10 cup bowl (with lid) to keep readymade salad in our fridge. The salad stays fresh for much longer in this bowl. Prepare your salad – leaving out anything mushy (in our house that’s tomatoes). I’ll often chop a few days of extra salad fixin’s, throw them in the bowl. The next day or two, all I have to do is add more (organic) mixed greens – Salad is done.

I have a stack of 8-10 custard cups (a few with lids too). These are great for reheating small servings of food – they were perfect for warming baby food too.

Reduce plastics at your point of purchase:

When shopping, make glass packaging a criteria – you’ve been there. You’re at the store, you’ve studied the label. You are trying to figure out which product is the best choice – all things being equal – pick glass.

For example – not too long ago I was trying to decide between Ralph’s Brand and French’s Brand Worcestershire Sauce -the only 2 brands of Worcestershire I’ve found without HFCS (this is really my life). They still had a few unknown ingredients – but they seemed to be relatively equal. One in glass, one in plastic. I chose the French’s – it was in glass.

There are now many products that I routinely purchase in glass, Peanut Butter, Almond Butter, dressing, tomato sauce and such. Some things may be prohibitive to your budget (for most families I’m guessing Milk), but if you look you’ll find you have a choice more than you realize.

Re-Use the Glass:

I’m gearing up to start making my own beans (to avoid the can), so I’m saving all these glass jars and lids. Soon I will have enough to get cooking – in the meantime they fill in as food storage when I’m out of pyrex.

I keep the salad dressing bottles, they are good for storing homemade fruit or berry pancakes syrups & I have visions of making salad dressing… one day soon. Help me Martha!

There you have it. A few simple ways we are using less plastic in our home.


Tania Reuben aka Pure Natural Diva

Tania is a wife and mother living in Los Angeles CA. She spends her days chasing her children, nights being chased by her husband and writes about Whole Living with Style and Ease @ Pure Natural Diva in ALL her spare time.

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