Growing Organic

Growing Organic

Thanks to the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) comprehensive information about organic agriculture is now available to people around the world; for farmers, researchers and policy makers in all aspects of organic agriculture. The goal of the Growing Organic pages is to provide a hub of information for developing organic agriculture. IFOAM believes that development of organic agriculture around the world will be facilitated through this knowledge resource.

The Growing Organic web pages are a source of information for developing organic sectors of all kinds, even growing organic food and composting in the backyard. They represent the cumulative knowledge and experience of IFOAM, the umbrella organization for Organic Agriculture, and are a community resource designed to represent and serve global Organic movements. I like to think of them as a kind of Organic Wikipedia.

The Growing Organic Pages cover eight major topic areas relating to organic agriculture: Policy, Advocacy, Strategic Relations, Quality Assurance, Marketing, Training, and Research.

Online at IFOAM Growing Organic projects.

Cory Whitney

Cory Whitney is a young hopeful in the world of alternative agriculture, with a unique community based education in Natural Resources Management stressing community, peace, sustainability and responsibility.

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