Green Post-Halloween Tips

Green Post-Halloween Tips

Halloween, like the seasons, is a sure thing. And it will come again next year. Knowing this, when the holiday is over, it’s a great idea to take a few minutes to consider how to “recover” from this year’s festivities with an eye toward the next.

A few tips:

  • Clean costumes, keep all pieces together, label size and store for next year’s costume swap.
  • Do the same for décor that can be reused including lights.
  • If you’re tired of an item, donate it to Goodwill right now. Why store what you have no intention of using again?


If you’ve used natural items for decorating, either return them to nature or compost. It’s easy! We’ll show you how, here.

We have fallen in love with composting. It makes us feel great to know that we are not tossing food into the trash where it goes into the local landfill and contributes to the greenhouse gas problem, plus, we’re helping improve the soil where we live.

You may realize that you can compost pumpkins, but do you know that candy is considered food (even the stuff that has absolutely no actual food in it!), and so can also be composted?

Just remove the wrappers and add to your compost bin or city collections (where allowed).

How about hosting an after-Halloween party? Have everyone bring their pumpkins and leftover candy. Compost the jack-o-lanterns and candy, then make items from the candy wrappers.

Some dentists also buy back candy and contribute it to Operation Gratitude for American troops. Find a participating dental practice here. You also may be able to contribute the candy to your local food bank or homeless shelter.

We hope you and your family enjoys an EEK-o-friendly Halloween this year and every year!

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Lynn and Corey

Lynn Colwell and Corey Colwell-Lipson are the mother-daughter team who launched the green holidays revolution. The duo are authors of the book, Celebrate Green! Creating Eco-Savvy Holidays, Celebrations and Traditions for the Whole Family and founders of National Costume Swap Day™ and the national non-profit initiative, Green Halloween®.

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