Green Your Halloween – Upcycle and Crafting

Green Your Halloween - Upcycle and Crafting

Sure, recycling is good. But upcycling is better. It’s not enough to use a product once and recycle it. It’s so much better to use it again and again before heading to the recycling or compost heap. Whether you’re a crafter or just enjoy unique artwork and decor, you might find that products made from recycled materials are just SO cool!

Take, for example, these cute fall themed items from Night Owl Paper Goods. Made with upcycled sweaters, acorns and leftover bits from their manufacturing process of creating wooden greeting cards these cuties are great for decorating the house this season.

Of course, if you’re a crafter or want to get your kids in on sustainable crafting projects, there are plenty of great books available, such as Green Crafts for Children and Craftcycle. Find a project that’s specific for the fall, use an idea for a Halloween costume, or just find a way to use up some of the items that you might accumulate over the holiday season. Enjoy!

Kimberly Button

Kimberly Button is the creator of Get Green Be Well, and is a green living enthusiast, journalist and founder of greenWell, an eco-wellness consulting company in Orlando, FL.

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