Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning

In the world of germs and fears of flu epidemics that we live in, moms everywhere are doing their part to ward of icky bugs from infecting their homes. Stores are flooded with green alternative products, but how can you know which ones are gentle enough for our environment, but strong enough to do the job their intended for?

Here are a few of my top choices for “green cleaning” before the guests arrive for Thanksgiving dinner.

  1. Baking soda. This miracle component is a great non-abrasive safe cleanser that deodorizes as it cleans. I use it to clean my sink, the bathtub, and even the gunk under the burners on my stove.
  2. Vinegar. This cheap, clear liquid is so safe, it’s edible. Not only does it get rid of hard water stains on metal fixtures but it also cleans up mirrors and windows without leaving streaks. Worried about the smell? Don’t worry–it fades as it dries and leaves only a clean house behind.
  3. A Clear Choice. Got stains on your carpet or in your child’s soccer uniform? This miracle spray quickly and easily eliminates the worst stains imagineable. Even old stains are removed quickly with this miracle spray. Both non-toxic and biodegradeable, this magical solution has been the answer to many ketchup and chocolate milk disasters in our house.
  4. Micro-fiber dish cloths. Instead of using endless paper towels to clean up spills or wipe down bathroom sinks, opt for luxurious and re-usable micro-fiber dish cloths. Be sure to buy a bunch in several colors so you can differentiate which ones will be used in the kitchen and which will be used in the bathrooms. Not only will you save trees you’ll save money each time you wash and reuse these durable cloths.
  5. Method multi-purpose spray cleaner. These spray cleaners smell as good as they clean. They’re non-toxic and natural and are safe on pourous surfaces like granite. The company offers a full array of products, including hand soaps, and the company’s website offers explanations on the sustainability of each product line.


Ann Springer

Ann Springer writes regularly on home and family issues including pets. She is the mother of three daughters and to her pug, Aggie. She holds degrees in health education and journalism.

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