Give yourself an A + grade!

Give Yourself an A Plus

Are you giving yourself a grade of C- for your performance at work and home? Trying to attain the mythical work-life balance can leave you feeling frustrated, disappointed and angry.

Many of us struggle with the demands at work and with the time we need to spend with our families. Somehow we are supposed to be a perfect mom, wife, daughter and friend. I couldn’t do it and my guess is that you can’t either!

ParentingMy high-powered career was on the fast track, my husband worked, and the demands of two younge boys was overwhelming. I loved my work and my family – I wanted both and I worked hard to have both. So, why didn’t it feel good?

Have you ever asked yourself who you are trying to please and who is judging you? I was allowing others to define my expectations. I was giving myself a grade of C- for my performance at work and at home. But that grade was based on what I thought others thought of me.

You Are A+

Finally, I said “I cant keep doing this!” Something had to change. What if I told myself that I was an A+ ? What if I woke up in the morning and realized that I am doing the best that I can, and that is pretty darn good!

Did it really matter if the boys had take-out pizza once a week? What if I bought the cupcakes for the school party instead of trying some exotic recipe? Maybe I should hire help with the cleaning – even if it was every other week?

I was the only one that could define “balance” for me. Some years it looked one way, and other years it looks completely different. Once I defined the criteria, my grade was much better. We have the power within us to set our own expectations, dreams and desires.

Stop searching for balance and live!

Teresa Taylor

Teresa is the CEO of Blue Valley Advisors and the author of The Balance Myth: Rethinking Work-Life Success. In her book, she combines her impressive professional background with her experiences as a mother to inspire women to succeed professionally and personally.

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