Gift Giving – Take the Guilt Out – Give Green

Gift Giving Take the Guilt Out Give Green Christmas

It’s true nowadays there are so many amazing green gifts to give from organic cotton clothing, to non-toxic toys to Energy Star efficient appliances. But maybe, just maybe consider giving something home made. Like a beautiful throw pillow made from an old cashmere sweater or a pair of cufflinks made from old typewriter keys from a typewriter that has been up in your attic for years, or a lovely tin of bottle cap magnets.

I designed I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas with the idea in mind that this year you would not have to take part of the shopping frenzy. You could use the book and then shop your house, your attic, cupboards and garage, but crafting is not for everyone. So, if you are not the crafty type there are so many green options. Think of these important questions when and if buying gifts:

  1. Are the products you are purchasing non-toxic or do they contain chemicals (if so what kinds)?
  2. Are the products locally made or made abroad and from where?
  3. Is the company that made the products socially responsible and practicing fair trade and fair wages.

  • Whenever I make a purchase I always ask myself where it came from. What kind of role will it play in my life and for how long and what will it’s life be after it leaves mine? Buying green does take a certain amount of thought, but it is worth it to find gifts that are better to the planet when you can. Going second hand and vintage is always a plus. These are a few of my favorite websites for fantastic eco-friendly gifts.

Anna Getty

Anna Getty is a mother of two, chef, environmental advocate, green living educator and the founder of Pregnancy Awareness Month. She has penned two books including I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas and Anna Getty's Easy Green Organic.

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