Fun Summer Treats Without Sugar

Fun Summer Treats Without Sugar

Summer is a time for playing outside, running through sprinklers, going to the beach, and picking fresh strawberries! Summer also means enjoying refreshing treats that bring those memorable smiles to our kid’s faces. 

Surprisingly, these don’t have to include sugar or processed junk; there is a way to create some easy tasty goodies for your kids, without the sugar overload!

One thing I have learned from being a parent to four beautiful kids is that they all love treats, but the healthy ones satisfy their desires just as much as the unhealthy ones, so why not keep it good for them. I have also noticed that context matters!

There are times when I give my kids something to eat at home at the table and they wont eat it, but given the same thing outside playing with their friends, they gobble it up.

This summer have fun playing with some no sugar treat recipes from my Organically Raised book and see how your kids respond.  You will feel good about it and they will love them just as much.

Anni Daulter, MSW

Anni is an eco-mama, cook, advocate of sustainable living and author of several books including The Organic Family Cookbook.

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