The Top Five Things I Want Others to Know about Endometriosis.

The Top Five Things I Want Others to Know about Endometriosis.

5) I cry every time the pain is so bad that it keeps me from being a productive member of society. It is the pain that makes it hard for me to visit with friends and family or work, not because I don’t want to.

4) Endometriosis is a disease; it’s not just bad cramps. Many other medical conditions also come as a “gift” when you have endometriosis. No, there is no known cure. Having a baby will not solve my problems and you’re an ass for saying so. Lupron is not a miracle shot, it is a temporary solution with very serious long-term side effects. Do NOT perform a laparoscopic surgery just to get it under your belt and stick it on your resume, if you can’t help, help me find someone who can.

3) My emotions are out of control, and it’s not just from the Lurpon. I am uncomfortable in my own skin and ashamed of what this disease has done to my body. That too makes me cry every day, because I don’t know how to deal with this and neither does anyone else.

2) Don’t tell me you know how I feel, that you’ve had something similar. You don’t, and you didn’t. Endometriosis has a very distinct feeling and if you do not have it, you cannot imagine what it is like to feel so clearly know where and when the disease is spreading inside of you while you and the doctors both are helpless to stop it.

1) Learn about endometriosis with me, help me not be scared. This is the most important thing you can do for me.

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Tabitha Kerkove

After being diagnosed with endometriosis Tabitha Kerkove became a major advocate for participatory medicine. Through research and networking Tabitha has been able to successfully manage her endometriosis by partnering with healthcare providers.

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