Fine Line between Insanity and Vision

Fine Line between Insanity and Vision

In almost every interview I’ve given since co-founding EcoMom®, I am asked how I got the idea. I answer that it came to me in the summer of 2006 on a mountaintop above my home, just North of San Francisco. But I don’t feel like I got the idea per se; Rather, I feel like it was given to me.

As a newly single mom, trying to find my way in a situation I never expected would be my life, I was literally up on a hill crying for a vision. The Vision Quest tradition had been introduced to me as a child, through my father’s work with native elders. I knew that if I went to nature with great sincerity and humility, I would be gifted with the answers I sought. And boy did I need some answers. Several weeks before, an “aha moment” with a group of mom friends had led to the realization that mom s are not only role models (duh!), but also a tremendous market force (duh, duh!). So I knew that whatever I embarked on next, it somehow had to tie together the power of mothers and the global challenges of the day. You know, little things. Like how choosing healthier laundry detergent reduces pollution of groundwater reserves. Or how feeding children locally grown, organic food reduces both CO2 emissions that contribute to global warming, and exposure to toxic pesticides.

I thought I was going crazy. Now I know I am just a typical mom. As if it weren’t enough dealing with the ramifications of a nasty “divorce,” I felt the weight of the universe on my shoulders and knew I had to do everything in my power to help make the world a better place for my son…for all the world’s children. So there I was sobbing away, wondering what the heck I was going to do that would both support my son and I, help me take care of my parents down the line, and oh yea, save the world, when suddenly the term EcoMom came to me. and EcoMom Alliance, to be exact. If every mom could begin to think of her self as an EcoMom, I thought to myself, the world would become a better place. Empowered women, called EcoMoms, effecting positive change via a natural tendency toward stewardship. An “army” of EcoMoms! It could be amazing.

I stood up from the ground on which I had been laying and looked down to the neighborhood below, inspired, invigorated, and terrified. I had been given a vision, and the vision was clear: help moms become EcoMoms and in so doing, you will help create a healthy and sustainable future. How I would do this, I did not know but the assignment had been given, and I knew I had to step up. The idea was much larger than me, and I knew that it would require the right people to bring it to fruition. Indeed, that has been the case, and meeting those people, the most rewarding part of the journey. merged with another company and I am now part of an incredible team. We even have a great guy as our CEO, and it’s so nice to feel the balance of the masculine and feminine. EcoMom Alliance recently joined forces with Green Halloween, bringing this wonderful campaign begun by two cool moms, to an even wider audience. As we grow, I still feel moments of fear, wondering what the heck I am doing, but the vision of moms coming together to make our world a better place has never wavered, and I know I have to just keep showing up.

Kimberly Danek Pinkson

Kimberly Danek Pinkson is a mom to Corbin, an Aunti to Luke and Sebastion, and the Co-Founder of and EcoMom Alliance. For more than twenty years, all of her work has been imbued with a sense of global interconnection and a commitment to health and wellness.

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