Finding Your Inner Musician

Finding Your Inner Musician

“I don’t have a musical nerve in my body”

“My kid sings all the time at home, but I’m tone deaf. I have no idea where she got that from?”

“I use to take piano, I hated piano, and now I want my kid to play piano.”

Does this sound familiar to you? Have you said this yourself or to your child’s music teacher?

As a music teacher, parents tell me this all the time. I try to reassure them they don’t need to feel the way they do. People are naturally musical and there are many things that you can do at home that can have a big impact on your kid. Sometimes it might require the parent to be a little silly – even SUPER silly. Sometimes it might require the parent to explore their own musical personality. By doing so, it not only helps the parent grow their musical side but it encourages their children to do the same.

One of the things you’re hear me talk about all the time is that “musicality = everyday expressions.” Music is certainly not confined to concert halls or elite research doctorates. Music is the expression of sounds no matter how they come out. Music is every day. Music is every parent and music is possible in the home. It is as practical as making breakfast for your children in the morning or bathing them at night.

This leads me to a practical example of structured playtime called BATH TIME!!!! And why not? Bath time already serves as a safe environment for you and your kids after a busy day.

Bath Time Rhythms

Instructions: Substitute any two items into the phrasing and sing along with your kids. See if you can tap the syllables with your child by tapping a bath toy or even making small splashes – since you’ll be getting wet anyway! – in the water along with the rhythms. Have fun with it!

A single “X” represents a one sound/syllable. A double “XX” represents 2 sounds/syllables.

  • “Bee, Bee, Mini Bee” X X XX X
  • “Nail, Nail, Hammer Nail” X X XX X
  • “Duck, Duck, Rubber Duck” X X XX X

Amy Au

Amy Au is an accomplished pianist, violinist, early childhood educator, the author of The Five Minibees, and a mother.

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