How to Find Unicorns – For Real

How to Find Unicorns - For Real

Unicorns have been a part of human folklore for many centuries. Their mystique is captivating. BUT from what I know of equine nature, the practicality of a thousand pound creature with a propensity to skedaddle in perhaps unpredictable directions with a saber coming out of his head is questionable from a handler’s point of view. I’m thinking it might go something like this:

“Hey! Can I pet your unic—AAAARGHGH!” as the startled equine whips his noggin around to get a gander at his now punctured petting benefactor. A fresh victim to the unicorn’s flighty nature and gold and ivory head piece.

So below I offer “Exhibit A”:

We may not actually want to find unicorns.

I think that we’re after, our ‘Holy Grail” of unicorn seeking is the notion that these marvelous animals are enduring symbols of the fantastic in nature and what we actually hope to find is more evidence of that. In this, with the right attitude, we can never fail. Thus we can be and are ever surrounded by unicorns of every size and color. For the so-enlightened they are ubiquitous throughout every landscape. Every ecosystem is lousy with unicorns! Forests, seashores, mountain tops, gardens, yards, parks, trails, rivers, empty lots, moonscapes, underneath rocks — all loaded with unicorns.

For the really clever among us, the well practiced, the open minded, the seekers of joy — unicorns show up in even more places:

  • class rooms
  • communication exchanges (letters, tweets, Facebook posts)
  • parties
  • in books, magazine articles and blogs
  • the shopping mall
  • certainly every farmer’s market out there
  • artists’ studios
  • stages
  • in every melody, drum beat and rhythm
  • in math equations
  • strange conjectures
  • good design
  • bad design
  • menus
  • fashion…..

You get the idea. Wherever there is a garden of ideas in various states of growth or dormancy there are potential unicorns.

Beginners Guide

To get up and out of our ‘normal’ selves with our ‘regular’ point of view we’re going to have to get up and out of our conventional routines. This will help set the frame of mind necessary to successfully find these unusual beings.

Prep Activity A

De-Routinize the Day

  • Eat dinner for breakfast Starting with dessert
  • If you shower in the morning — don’t. If you shower at night — do it now.
  • Outside Influence
  • Do you usually log on, link in, check your email/messages/voice mail, etc? Not today.
  • Watch or listen to the news? Nope, not today kiddo.


Positive Armor

  • Mix up your clothes. Wear that thing you usually save for special occasions; a pair of shoes out of daily rotation, a necklace that usually sits there waiting for its chance to shine. What I’m talking about here are items that you got because you out and out had to have them – not for any practical purposes really, just delightful ones. These are your own ready-made personal power emblems. You see, this is the perfectly nonsensical thinking that unicorns find so irresistible!
  • You are also encouraged to create your own unicorn finding outfit. Special shoes, jeans, earrings, top, tie, belt, socks you catch my drift.


Prep Activity B

Now plop down and write out all the reasons you will NOT find unicorns. You know what I’m talking about. Stuff like:

Because they don’t exist.

No one’s ever seen one.

They’re invisible.

They’re scared of people.

I don’t know what-all. Go ahead be negative. Give it your best shot. Phew! Feel better? Feel all grown up and smart? Right-o. They can’t say you’re crazy now — look how sensible you are with your list.

Prep Activity C

Argue on paper with your sensible list. If you’re with a group doing this activity, shoot holes in everyone’s ‘realistic declarations’. e.g. “No one’s ever seen one.” YET. “They’re invisible.” So are atoms. So is air. You get the gist. If you don’t get it, just call it “Opposite Day” and go with that for now. The ol’ up is down, left is right routine. You get the drill. After all Rome, and it’s zoos full of unicorns, wasn’t built in a day.


Your guide in this series is Marti McGinnis. With a lifetime of conjuring up her own happy worlds Marti now makes available to you her methods for finding and creating your own creative dreamworlds!

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  1. Elizabeth dixon

    That’s a lie They do excit just because noone never seen one doesn’ mean they are not real

  2. Elizabeth dixon

    They do excit just because noone never seen one doesn’ mean they are not real


    I am writing a book for preps and kinder kids. I read this and said. this is not right. UNICORNS DO EXIST!!! IM A GRADE 4 LOVER OF UNICORNS!!

    • Luna

      Good point

      • Ruby

        Yeah right CRAZY guys out there. Unicorns DO EXIST

        Kind guardings Ruby Wilkinson


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