Even New Mothers-to-Be Know Best

Even New Mothers-to-Be Know Best

When the nurse came back in the room, this time accompanied by the midwife, we made it clear that Janet wanted something for the pain (AKA “take the edge off”). I felt a little helpless at this point, knowing that there was little I could do beyond offering words of support to help her get through each wave. As the Fentinol was being administered the nurse told Janet to stop holding her breath. Another nurse who happened to be in the room suggested that Janet might be bearing down, and the midwife checked her again. A mere 45 minutes after being offered the option of going home Janet was fully dilated, and the medical staff’s looks of shock reflected my own.

A mad rush ensued to get Janet from the admit area up to delivery. Halfway down the hall I realized my camera was back in the room and I was torn between wanting to capture the moment and being in the moment. I decided to run back to get it, then realized I had no idea where they were going, and that I might not even be around for the moment if I did not get back to our little group!

After getting set up in the delivery room Janet asked if she could have an epidural. Getting that in was also an adventure, taking somewhere between 20 minutes and an eternity, but afterwards she was able to rest for an hour and a half before pushing. This was great on a number of levels, and it afforded me a chance to actually reflect a little and let things soak in, as opposed to the adrenaline-filled rush I felt like I’d been on since I woke up that morning. And luckily one of the nurses brought up our stuff (camera included – which I had completely forgotten about!)

Jim Van Huysse

Lives in Berkeley, California. He is a brand new father (about as brand new as brand new can be), and has spent most of his time on the other side of the blog world — representing sustainability and healthy living web sites’ advertising at NaturalPath Media.

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