After resting Janet was ready to push. She was doing great, but during the process she threw up and the baby’s heart rate dropped dramatically. The midwife questioned the nurse and suddenly there was a whole lot more tension in the room (and my confidence was a little shaken). Thankfully it passed, and the pushing resumed. Unfortunately there was another drop, and baby was not progressing. The midwife indicated that they might need to use a vacuum which was most definitely NOT in the birth plan – but offered to have a nurse come with “fundle pressure” instead. Fundle pressure is the steady application of pressure on the fundus of the uterus with one hand at a 30 to 45 degree angle to the maternal spine in the direction of the pelvis. From what I’ve googled (for whatever that’s worth!), Fundle pressure is a little controversial as some say it cause shoulder separations to the baby or harm to the uterus. At any rate, we knew nothing of this at the time, we just saw the nurse- who was as petit as Janet – hop up on the bed, raise her forearm and with a series of football-like stiff-arms helped Janet deliver with several great pushes. I am not sure about the controversy, but I am grateful we were able to avoid the vacuum and C-section.

A wave of emotion overcame me as I saw our child’s head emerge. I was surprised at how quickly the delivery went after that: before I knew it we were both staring at our daughter, Evelyn Rose.

Everyone I’ve spoken with says it’s the most incredible experience they’ve been lucky enough to have.

They’re underselling it.

Since then I have been soaking up every squeak and squawk, getting lost in the depth of her blue grey eyes, smiling as this little person s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-s her 19.25 inch frame from tiny head to tinier toe, wondering at how she can change so noticeably from day to day, allowing myself to be intoxicated by her scent (which reminds me of flour) and am continually reminded of how lucky we are that she chose us.

Jim Van Huysse

Lives in Berkeley, California. He is a brand new father (about as brand new as brand new can be), and has spent most of his time on the other side of the blog world — representing sustainability and healthy living web sites’ advertising at NaturalPath Media.

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