Ethan’s Epilepsy Soup by Gracie, Ethan’s Big Sister

Three years ago I received a phone call to my dorm room saying that my younger brother had suffered a seizure. I was shocked to say the least and ever since that night a lot of things have changed in my family. The best way to describe how my family works now is to think of us as a bowl of epilepsy soup.

There is no question in my mind that my mom would be the broth keeping us all together. She is always trying to think of the positive and our ‘soup’ just wouldn’t be the same without her. My dad would definitely be the noodles. You can have the broth but it just doesn’t work without the noodles. My dad keeps us all on track whether it is my brother’s medication or just life in general. There is no question that my younger sister would be the spices, aka flavor. She has been the person to bring laughter to a lot of difficult times. As for my brother, he would be the spoon. I know you are thinking that the spoon has nothing to do with the soup but it plays one of the most important parts. You can’t enjoy the different components of soup without a device such as a spoon. My brother “spoon” has brought us all together, not only when he was diagnosed with Epilepsy but more recently through all of the different things he has been involved in, such as Purple Day.

Now I know you are thinking that I forgot about myself, but you’re wrong because I didn’t. If our family was soup, I would be the grilled cheese. Whenever you have soup you probably always want to have some grilled cheese too, but that doesn’t always happen. I am currently in college so I don’t get to be home often with my family. But just like grilled cheese I would always prefer to be there with the ‘soup’.

Purple Day is March 26th – Wear your purple to support epilepsy awareness globally. Visit


Published on: March 25, 2010
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Photo of The Wybourn Family

Ethan was diagnosed with epilepsy three years ago. Since then, the Wybourn's have jumped in with both feet and have educated themselves as much as they could about the condition. In the process, the family has learned just as much about themselves as they have about seizure disorders.

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