Ella, Ethan’s Big Sister


Zoo We Mama! I know most people think going to the movies is just a regular thing, but for my brother and I it was a real milestone. My brother and I read the series Diary Of A Wimpy Kid together, and I mean full out voices. When the movie finally came out in theaters, I was sooo happy. I’m 17 now and have had my license for a year and have been waiting to take my brother to a movie. A lot of things changed when Ethan was diagnosed with Epilepsy. I would always ask if he wanted to do anything with just me, but I always got the same response, “I only want to go if mom goes too.” Obviously not the response I wanted to hear. He just gets nervous about being in a crowd.

It has now been 35 days and no seizures, so finally tonight we made a date and went to see the movie. I finally know Ethan is comfortable and we can do all the things I have been thinking about together! I will graduate next year and head to college and I need to show my little bro a good time before I leave him alone with our boring parents.

I have to admit, sometimes people forget that it isn’t only Ethan who has to deal with Epilepsy. When Ethan has a seizure, I feel completely helpless just like he does. My mom and dad rely on me a lot when they can’t be home and it took time, a little crying and a little yelling for them to remember that I need them too! But in the end, I am so happy to be there for my “Little E” whenever he needs me.

All I have left to say is this was the BEST first date I have ever been on!!!

Purple Day is March 26th – Wear your purple to support epilepsy awareness globally. Visit www.purpleday.org.


Published on: March 26, 2010
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Ethan was diagnosed with epilepsy three years ago. Since then, the Wybourn's have jumped in with both feet and have educated themselves as much as they could about the condition. In the process, the family has learned just as much about themselves as they have about seizure disorders.

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