Eco Fashion 101, Part Three: The Secret Sustainable Question

Eco Fashion 101, Part Three: The Secret Sustainable Question

You’ve heard about the impact new clothing has on the environment—that you can tell next season’s hot color by looking at the rivers in Mexico and China, where  global fashion brands use hazardous chemicals and dyes to make clothes.

But everyone has to shop once in a while, right? Here’s a quick tip to remember, the next time you go shopping. Add another question to those that we women usually ask ourselves before purchasing:

  1. “Do I like it?”
  2. “Can I afford it?”
  3. “Does it look good on me?” (Or, the converse, “Does this make me look fat?”)
  4. “Is it sustainable?” According to a definition by the United National General Assembly in 1987, this means that “meets the needs of the present, without undermining future generations to meet their needs.”

If you can say yes to all four, then buy away! If not, give yourself some time to think about whether you really need something—or just want it. Because you wouldn’t want to cheat on your closet, right?

Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff

Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff is the founder of She is a green home consultant, sharing sustainable living and parenting advice on Twitter @rachellsarnoff, on her blog Mommy Greenest and on YouTube

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