Eat Together

Eat Together

Tip #6:

As families become busier and busier with kids rushing from school to sporting practices, to music lessons, to drama rehearsals and as parents stay later-and-later at work, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to share family meals. We are just as guilty of this as anyone, but we do make a huge effort to share as many meals together as possible. It’s a wonderful time to just be together and has amazing side effects. According to some studies, kids who eat meals with their families even perform better in school!

My favorite time to share a slow family meal is weekend brunch. Passing around platters of scrambled eggs, fresh baked “home-fired” potatoes, and grilled vegetables; pancakes coming slowly off the griddle; waffles baking one at a time make for a relaxing way to share a weekend morning. Sitting and sipping my favorite coffee at the end of the meal is one of my most treasured times of the week.

How about you? What’s your favorite meal? What foods do you enjoy the most? Do you have any food traditions?

Cheryl Greene

Cheryl Greene is the co-founder and Executive Producer of She is a mother, a breast cancer survivor and a foodie. Cheryl is active in social media and can be found on Facebook and Twitter as @MsGreene.

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