How to Make Your OWN Dream Land – and Travel there too

How to Make Your OWN Dream Land - and Travel there too

It is my joyful duty to inform you that you have direct access to any wonderful worlds you care to dream up. Below are some suggestions for how to go about visiting them. Oh, and let me mention that most kids know how to do this instinctively. We sort of get it taught out of us as we grow up.

  • Be quiet.
  • Allow.
  • Listen.
  • Feel.

(a little like meditation)

Play with thoughts..

  • Imagine your personal
  • best-case scenarios.
  • Visualize every
  • positive aspect*

( a lot like goofing off)

Look out for:

  • Naysayers
  • Second Guessing
  • Feeling/Looking Foolish
  • “Reality”

These are among those that will blow you off track.

Have a world in mind?

Make it real!
Start collecting & creating your own proof:

  • draw
  • write
  • compose tunes
  • make stuff
  • remember your dreams
  • make up best-case outcomes for everything
  • compost negativity
  • leave notes to yourself from your alter-ego.

*This is key to the whole operation. Working on the premise that “thoughts become things” here, what we think about is what will become real for us.


Your guide in this series is Marti McGinnis. With a lifetime of conjuring up her own happy worlds Marti now makes available to you her methods for finding and creating your own creative dreamworlds!

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