Don’t Worry, Daddy’s Here

Don’t Worry, Daddy’s Here

Let’s face it, sometimes fathers feel a bit left out.  They may feel a little unsure of their abilities in the parenting department, and moms, like many other species, can smell fear.  Not only do we moms want to save a father from feeling bad, we also want to prevent as much fussing as possible, by both the father and the child.  So we step in.  The problem is, sometimes we don’t step out again. Having a mom is great, but children need the special perspective that only a dad can offer.

  • Don’t be afraid to be alone with your child.  If your child is in the baby stage, the most important thing to remember is this:  babies cry sometimes.  You cannot always prevent it.  So, rather than being intimidated by it, go through a mental checklist:  Is the baby hungry, tired, hot, cold, or in need of a diaper change?  If you’ve tried to fix the above issues and the crying continues, try a change of scenery (and bring the baby with you).  If possible, walk outside, several laps around the house, or up and down the street.  If you’re not sure how to work the stroller, don’t use it.  You will eventually succeed in calming your baby.  And, in doing so, you will feel an incredible sense of pride in yourself and your “dad instinct.”


  • Children love to cuddle with their dads.  You guys have some kind of kid-calming mechanism implanted in you somehow, I am convinced.  You’re warm, you’re calm, you talk in a low-pitched voice, and you can sit for hours, snuggling and watching baseball.  Revel in the fact that you have a talent that mom may not have – the snuggling factor.  Kids often seek mom out for emergencies (no matter how trivial), but if you are open to it, they will seek you out for snuggling, for comfort, for security.  You lucky dog, you.


Jennifer M. Koontz

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