Cook Once, Enjoy Many

Cook Once, Enjoy Many

It’s great to be here on on the 15th anniversary of this terrific site! I hope you’ll follow my posts this week to get tips for one of the key ways to save  in the kitchen: cooking once and enjoying the results many times. When you start thinking about cooking like this, you’ll find it’s easy to cook healthy food for your family, even on a tight budget.

Cook once, enjoy many

When you cook once and use the results in different ways, you save time, energy, and water. For example, when you make vanilla pudding, serve some hot right away over fruit. The next day, serve the pudding chilled with fruit on top. You’ll get variety without extra work: less cooking and less dishwashing. When you make pesto, make enough to use right away on pasta plus some to freeze for busy winter nights.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at going local to capture summer’s bounty.

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Linda Watson

Linda Watson started the Cook for Good project after becoming obsessed with the national Food Stamp Challenge: living on a dollar a meal per person for a week. Her three-week experiment became a lifestyle, the website, the book Wildly Affordable Organic, and now the Wildly Good Cook videos and teachers' training program. She teaches cooking classes and gives talks on thrift, sustainability, and food justice across the country. You can get more from Linda on Facebook..

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