Children’s Interactive Books

Children's Interactive Books

I love to read. I have about 10 books on my nightstand waiting for attention and I am in the middle of about three different books. Before I had four children I read every chance I could get and would often stay up until 2am to read just one more chapter. Once the kids came along, I found the extended nursing sessions my babies loved to be very conducive to reading.  And if I was in the middle of a good book, I may have nursed them more than strictly necessary on any given day to be able to read more!

Now though, my kids are getting older. And while I do enjoy each stage as it comes, my reading seems to be restricted to age appropriate books – their ages, that is! Ranging from Go Dog Go by P.D. Eastman to Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling, I usually am only reading to my kids these days. That’s because the second I lie down in bed, holding onto one of my books, my eyes close and I pass out. I don’t dream of vacations. I dream of having time to read!

Long-time readers of will know that I am partial to interactive books. I was enchanted from the first time I opened one of these apps. Interactive books on the iPad take children’s stories, attach amazing graphics, a soundtrack, engaging voices and activities and create a whole new experience for children to enjoy. These apps can range from stories based on existing books, like Bizzy Bear Builds a House, to original stories created specifically for this platform like Flora’s Forest or Luna Red Riding Hood.

Activities associated with these stories serve different functions. In general, stories that are adapted from books tend to have activities that engage children but do not necessarily serve to further the storyline (i.e. tapping on a cow makes it moo) whereas original stories include activities that pull the reader further into the story and create an experience where the reader is helping the story progress (i.e. in Flora’s Forest, tapping on the kite makes it fly away).

Cuddling up with my children at the end of a long day and sharing a treasured book is always my favorite time of day. When I see my children using my iPad and choosing interactive stories on their own, I cannot help but smile with pride! These children are growing up with more electronics than I did, but they still choose stories every chance they get.  If you have not discovered interactive books yet, I encourage you to try one and read it with your child. You will love their sense of wonder as the activities draw them further into the storyline.

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