Children’s Health Care – The State of Children’s Health Care in the U.S.

More than 9 million children lack health insurance and millions more have inadequate coverage. This means one out of every eight children in the U.S. won’t get the correct healthcare. (2) A child’s health impacts every aspect of their life. A healthy child does better in and misses less school, giving them a better chance at success in life. It’s a pretty simple equation. Healthcare = healthy child = More successful adult.

So, what can we each do to help?

  • If you know a family that has lost their healthcare thanks to the current state of the economy, educate them on Medicaid and SCHIP programs. These programs cover approximately 34 million poor and near poor children. In many cases, parents don’t know that their children qualify for these programs.
  • Donate to children-specific hospitals. There are a number of Children’s Hospitals across the U.S. Each of these hospitals provides free care for a number of children a year.
  • Get Involved. Write your state officials and tell them you want a change in healthcare for children.

Our children are a precious resource and should be treated as such. Let’s do our part to keep them all healthy!

(2) HealthPAC online

Published on: February 12, 2010
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