Childhood is a Magical Time

Encourage Your Kids to Explore, Discover, Experiment and be Creative

Do you remember what it feels like to sit on the ground and put your hands in the sand? Or how it feels when you swing as high as you can and look into the sky? How about what it feels like to imagine yourself as part of a pirate or mermaid adventure – to feel like you really are in a far away land?

Many adults seem to have lost that special gift. A child can imagine great worlds and can pretend that they’re a part of them. Kids get excited about digging for dinosaur bones and exploring a far away jungle, even if they are actually just in the backyard. And whether your child is pretending or exploring their world, they are also learning and growing along the way.

Yet, too often kids do not get to experience the wonder of the world around them. Instead, they are bombarded with television shows or commercialized TV characters. As parents we have an opportunity to encourage and develop our children’s sense of wonderment and curiosity.

Math and science were not my strongest subjects growing up and, because of that, I try to introduce simple and fun math and science experiences for my children. I am also aware that American kids are not excelling in science and math compared to the rest of the world and I think it is important to introduce our kids to the fun of science, math, art, and music.

After my kids had done a few science experiments, created a fun science potion, and made an invention, my kids began begging me to do a science experiment or invention regularly.

Ways to Keep the Magic Alive

  • Make up an adventure – A pirate or mermaid adventure are favorites
  • Play fun, silly music and other types of music (classical, jazz, etc)
  • Let your kids play pretend and dress up (even boys play dress up-heroes, firemen, etc)
  • Tell them stories and let them tell you stories about a subject they enjoy

Ways to Encourage Your Children to be Life Long Learners and Develop a Love for Science, Math and the Arts

  • Give kids time to explore their world
  • Buy them fun, educational gifts- microscope, telescope, science kit, instrument, art supplies
  • Take your kids to children’s museums, art and history Museums
  • Take your kids to musical or theatrical productions designed for young children.
  • Encourage play with toys that let kids build structures and other creative things
  • Make art and creative playthings available (paint, markers, play dough, clay)
  • Let them take a class in something they are interested in (art, sport, music, airplanes)
  • Encourage creative play and simple fun

I want my kids to love to learn. I want them to have a thirst for knowledge and to know they can learn to do anything they set their minds to.

I want my kids to discover their world and keep discovering it. I want them to know there will always be something new for them to uncover in this world – a place, a skill, book, an activity.

If you want this for your child, encourage and nurture their creativity, imagination, and exploration. Foster their curiosity by providing fun and educational toys, books and experiences they can learn from.

For more ideas about encouraging your kids to use their imagination, experiments and exploration visit for activities and for articles.



Published on: February 05, 2009
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