Bright Eyes but no Bushy Tail

Bright Eyes but no Bushy Tail

The day after my macrobiotic meal, I was determined to do everything Craig suggested. That meant eliminate sugar and wheat from my diet, and add about 70% organic vegetables and some fruits as well as organic healthy proteins. He said when I’m able to get off the meds, then I could add healthy sugars like honey, stevia, or coconut sugar back into my diet. But no more than a tablespoon a day. A tablespoon?

But there’s sugar in everything! From ketchup, to pasta sauce, to packaged rice, to cereals, to granola bars, to…I could go on and on! The average American adult consumes about 7 tablespoons a day. And now I’m supposed to give it up–cold turkey! I love sugar. But not if it’s causing health problems that land me in the ER. So what if giving up sugar and wheat means I can get off the meds and back to my active lifestyle? There was no way to know for sure unless I tried. Craig said when you give up something in your diet, don’t tell yourself you’re doing it “forever!” Just tell yourself, “This week I’m going to stop having such and such.” This way it doesn’t sound as scary. So that’s what I did.

I was also giving up wheat and gluten because Craig said most people are probably allergic to wheat and have health problems as a result without knowing it. There’s something about the way wheat is harvested in our country that even organic wheat now causes health problems. So I figured why not give it up and see what happens?

Usually when you work with any nutritionist, you let them know you’re doing the “diet” they told you about. But I just dove right into it without telling Craig. Little did I know that when you give up wheat and sugar cold turkey, your body goes into a detox. I had the worst headaches for about a week! I finally contacted Craig and he said, “Wow! You don’t just start unless you tell me.” Oops! Turns out there are foods to offset the detox and headaches. Live and learn! Brown rice was helpful in stopping the detoxing effects, and so was the beet kavas drink. To strengthen my lungs, Craig suggested radish tea, plus wasabi in water. Yes, wasabi! Peppermint tea was also a huge help for the lungs, along with drinking apple-cider vinegar in water. He also added plant-based vitamins by Standard Process to my diet.

Within a few days, my eyes were sparkling like never before. And my skin was almost glowing! I kept staring at my eyes and skin in amazement! Is this really from giving up sugar and wheat and eating better? Within months, my lungs were clearing up and I’m starting to get off certain meds. Yes, I’m giving up the meds!

Next I turn my attention to my son’s stomach and allergy problems. And I’m thinking, hmmm…I wonder what would happen if he gave up these foods?

Denise Cruz-Castino

Denise and her longtime friend Christine Schuchart, an editor for many high-profile magazines and former online editor at the J. Paul Getty Museum, are currently putting their love for natural health to work by creating a website for busy parents who are trying to find simple ways to get their kids to live and eat healthier.

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