A breath of Fresh Air

A breath of Fresh Air

Let me start off by saying, I don’t have asthma. Well, I don’t normally have asthma. I haven’t had it for most of my life. I only had it for about two years of my life when I was around 22, which I treated naturally with acupuncture and got rid of it. That was until a few years ago in October 2009, when it came back. I decided to put fertilizer on my lawn, by myself. No help from the hubby or the gardener. Good idea, right? Wrong!

Little did I know that the day I did this, I was damaging my lungs and starting a horrible case of asthma from breathing in the toxins in the fertilizer. I won’t mention which brand in case that’s a no-no on here, but all I know is that it seemed safe. It even said on the package, “Safe for kids and pets.” Hmmm…Maybe I should have found the bag that said, “Not harfmul to parents”?

Now, being that I’m into natural health. I normally use acupuncture, essential oils or homeopathics to treat most illnesses. So the thought of being on asthma meds was horrifying to me. But avoiding the meds put me in urgent care three times. The last time I was so close to death, I wasn’t sure I could make it to the ER in time for them to help me breathe. So finally I took everything the doctors recommended, which meant two steroids, allergy pills, and a fast-acting inhaler. I couldn’t think of the potential side effects of the meds, because at this point, I needed to live. I’m a mom, and staying alive was more important than avoiding medication.

I’ve also always been a hard-core fitness gal. And the asthma had restricted my workout from boxing classes and spin classes, to walking slowly on the treadmill. Argh! Needles to say, I was not happy. But what else could I do? I had to be on the meds and I had to get back to where I was breathing correctly. But how?

The fertilizer incident also had an impact on my son. He has allergies and on occasion needs an inhaler. So now his breathing was affected too. It made me wonder, how many asthma cases are caused by fertilizers on lawns we don’t even know is there?

I promised myself I would never ever use this stuff again. But I was worried that I might not be able to get off the meds. Was I bound to using inhalers and steroids forever? And how are fertilizer companies allowed to sell products with such dangerous side affects? Shouldn’t there be a skull-and-crossbones warning on the package and be locked up behind a glass case? Maybe people should be trained or licensed to use these products so they’re aware of the dangers. I mean, I almost died at least two or three times. Literally! All for a green lawn?

But fast forward to February 2010, when into my life walks a man who utters the words I never wanted to hear: “You need to get off of sugar”.

Denise Cruz-Castino

Denise and her longtime friend Christine Schuchart, an editor for many high-profile magazines and former online editor at the J. Paul Getty Museum, are currently putting their love for natural health to work by creating a website for busy parents who are trying to find simple ways to get their kids to live and eat healthier.

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