Boredom is Banned: Part Two, Seek Water

Boredom is Banned: Part Two, Seek Water

When your child declares that he is bored this summer, do what I did, and alert the residents of your home that “bored” (or any derivative thereof) is no longer a part of the English language. Not only is the word banned in our home, but the feeling is not allowed, either. What is allowed, however, is creative thinking about what activities to pursue. Here is an age-old solution that still works wonders:

Seek water. Water soothes the soul and calms the savage beast. It’s also entertaining in a multitude of ways. If you can find a pool or a beach, hallelujah. If you are at home, try the old “running through the sprinkler” idea. It might be old-fashioned, but it’s still fun. So are water balloons, watering cans, and playing in the rain, if the opportunity presents itself.

Another thing you can do with water is make lemonade, juice, popsicles, and even mud pies. (Be sure that the children know which ones are ingestible and which are not.) Even if you fill a few containers with water and set them outside along with some plastic toys, children of any age will find a way to play. Water play should always be closely monitored, but water is one of the simplest ways to keep children occupied.


Jennifer M. Koontz

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