Boredom is Banned: Part Five, Pay Them Off

Boredom is Banned: Part Five, Pay Them Off

Your kids are bored and you need help around the house.   What now?

Pay them off.  Earning money is a good thing.  Paying your children for doing nothing is not a good thing, but many parents do it anyway.  If your children are looking for something to do during the summer, put them to work, and pay them for their work.  To encourage them, don’t pay for everything that they want!  If they need money, they will be willing to earn it.  Sit with your child and create a list of jobs that need to be done in your home and how much money they will earn for doing each job.  (Have your child do the writing; it’s good practice.)  Post the list in a place that is easily visible to all interested parties.  Tell your child that he must ask you before he tackles a job, accept only good quality work, and pay promptly.

Then, after the work is done, let your child spend some of the money.  We all know that learning to save is a wonderful thing, but it’s summer out there, and summers are for having fun.  Go on now, go out and play.


Jennifer M. Koontz

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