Banning Boredom: Part Four, Hide

Banning Boredom: Part Four, Hide

It’s summer and your kids are bored.  What should you do?

Hide.    I knew you’d like this one.  No, I don’t mean that you should run and hide when your children complain of being bored.  Children love scavenger hunts, egg hunts, treasure hunts, and hide-and-seek.  They just love to hunt.  So, be it outside or inside, hide things.  Be sure to count how many things you’ve hidden, so everyone knows when the hunt is over.  You could ask your child to write a sentence, or even a story.  Then, cut up the paper so there is one word on each piece of paper.   Hide the words, and ask your child to reconstruct the sentence or story by finding the words.  As he finds each word, ask him to read it to you.  Hint:  the longer the sentence, the longer the hunt.  Try to encourage detail!


Jennifer M. Koontz

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