Baby Apps: Why the Smart Phone is a New Mom’s Best Friend

Baby Apps: Why the Smart Phone is a New Mom's Best Friend

The good news is that smart phone apps can help you when others are not around, in ways you might not have even imagined.

Whether you want help keeping your baby on a healthy schedule, a place to keep notes for doctor’s visits, opportunities to connect with other moms when you are on the go, or a tool to help you and your baby sleep tight, sites like Apple’s App Store and the Android Market have downloadable treasures just for you. Use them alone or together to create your ideal blend of features. Another plus? You can email screenshots to family, friends, and doctors.

Below, you’ll see just a few of my favorites. So, take a look, get downloading, and take a load off!

Before Baby: BabyBump for iPhone, Android, and Palm BabyBump is an all-in-one app that can accompany you through your entire pregnancy. Record your data, see it in graph view, share with friends through Facebook and Twitter. A great app for the organized, the techy, and the styley.

Expect to Find:

  • Due date calculator.
  • Weekly information.
  • Data tracking tools.
  • Kick and contraction counters.
  • Pregnancy forums.


Remember Everything: Total Baby for iPhone This is currently the best all around, fully-functional iPhone app to help you with your newborn. Want to be even more on top of your parenting game? You can set Total Baby up on your iPhone before your baby arrives!

Expect to Find:

  • Customizable timers for feedings, changing, medication, bath time, nap time and more.
  • Photo storage for recent photos of your little one.
  • Data recording for growth, vaccines, doctor visits, etc.
  • Ability to sync between iPad, iTouch, and iPhone.


Get Some Rest: White Noise for iPhone Every minute of good sleep counts for you and your baby. Use White Noise to put your baby, and maybe even yourself, to sleep. See you in the morning!

Expect to Find:

  • A wide variety of soothing sounds from “clothes dryer” to “frogs.”
  • Adjustable volume.
  • Shutoff timer.
  • Fade in timer to wake you.
  • Extensive sound library.
  • Mesmerizing images to accompany the sounds.


Keep An Eye Out: BabyPhone for iPhone One of Parents magazine’s favorites, BabyPhone is a baby monitor right on your iPhone. It senses noise in your baby’s room and will call you on a phone number of your choice to let you know the little one is awake!

Expect to Find:

  • Main screen showing “microphone sensitivity and the threshold for triggering the alarm.”
  • Ability to enter the phone number of your choice.


Did I miss any of your favorite apps? Let me know!

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