What Can We Do to Avoid GMO’s?

What Can We Do to Avoid GMO’s?

Now that we know the dangers and risks associated with GMOs we need to find practical ways to avoid them. We are the consumers and boy are we a powerful bunch.  Our pocket books can do some of the talking, since food buying power has a tremendous impact on our food system.

If we continue to support sustainable farmers we are sending a message loud and clear to those producing foods that are NOT sustainable -letting them know that we don’t want and won’t stand for foods with GMOs.

Here are a few tips to avoid GMOs in food:

  • Buy a share directly from a farm (CSA) that is USDA Certified Organic. Ask if they sell produce that is non-GMO.  To find a local CSA look here.
  • By food that isn’t processed-opt for whole foods that are certified organic.
  • Grow your own food using organic heirloom seeds.
  • Shop at your local farmers market and don’t be afraid to ask the question: “is your food non-GMO?” To find a local farmers market check here.
  • Look for food labels that say “non-GMO” or “GMO free”. There seem to be more and more companies willing to label their products, although not required.
  • Buy wild fish rather than farm raised and meat that was 100% grass fed. Fish and livestock are many times fed GM feed.
  • Avoid aspartame as a sweetener-it is derived from GMOs.
  • Know which foods are most likely to contain GMOs:
    • Corn, soybeans, dairy, meats, canola and cottonseed oil and sugar beets.


More ideas on how to help


Bottom line: Take the time to investigate where your food is coming from. Keep your family safe by asking the right questions and educating yourself on the issues.

Do you try to avoid food with GMOs?

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