Appliance Choices for Making Baby Food

When you start making baby food, you’ll need an appliance that will puree your baby’s food into a smooth, pudding-like texture. Here are the top three choices in pureeing appliances and some helpful advice choosing which one is right for you.

#1 Food Processor: This appliance is a work horse. They have strong motors and can puree event the toughest veggies into pudding smooth textures. The results are excellent. If you’ve always wanted a food processor, making baby food is great reason to make the investment.

Bottom line: The best choice for silky, smooth baby purees, if you can afford it. Price: over $100

#2 Blender: This appliance is the most widely used for making baby food, because it will do a fine job. Blenders are quick and efficient, but the really cheap ones might overheat. The tall shape will require you to scrape the sides several times to ensure your puree is “chunk-free”.

Bottom line: A popular choice that will deliver good results. Price: $25-$100

#3 Food Mill: We’re talking about a real one, not the gimmicky baby food mills. Shaped like a bowl or cone, this contraption has a series of stainless steel mesh layers with a hand crank. This is a very eco-friendly option, it runs on muscle power! Available at higher end kitchen stores, a food mill will deliver fine results.

Bottom Line: A terrific green option. No electricity required. Price: $50-$100

Beyond food purees: Once you are ready to introduce textured foods and finger foods, other nifty kitchen utensils include:

  • Ricers and potato mashers for making “textured” baby foods.
  • A hand held immersion blender for making pureed soups ~ a toddler favorite!
  • Cookie cutters or a canapé cutter for creating cute shapes that toddlers love


Published on: April 07, 2009
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