Does Your Alarm Wake-Up the Neighbors?

Does Your Alarm Wake-Up the Neighbors?

“No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.” You may not be able to fly to Washington DC and lobby Congress, but you can still make a call, tell a neighbor, or post a Facebook status update. Every little action helps.

There are millions of people that still need to wake-up to the reality of toxic chemicals in everyday products. They still assume if something’s being sold in stores, it must be safe. They need someone like you to sound the alarm and wake them up. Will you?

Watch how these people are sounding the alarm.

Join these people and hundreds of thousands of others by sounding your own alarm!


Janelle Sorensen

Janelle Sorensen is the Chief Communications Officer for Healthy Child Healthy World. She is passionate about creating a healthier environment, not just at home for her own children, but for everyone’s children.

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