Air Drying Week 2

Week Two: Outdoors

We went upstate to my parents’ house that weekend. I brought the PVC-stinky stand, and set it up outside in their yard to let it offgas overnight. The following morning, I put the first load up. It happened to be some of their gardening clothes and sheets.

My first attempt was anything but graceful. I’d prefer a line to a tippy stand. (Later I was informed that I didn’t open it all of the way. I’m not sure how this is true but my PVC ropes are less taught in pictures than those belonging to other participants of this challenge. Oops!)

Getting the sheets on there was not too easy. And my family was more than happy to mock my attempts. I was fascinated to learn that both my mom and stepfather remember line drying as one of their chores growing up, yet neither offered me tips as I wrestled with the stand.

Just as I finally had everything on there, my mother got out of the pool with my daughter and announced she was going to put their damp towels in the dryer! I diverted her from the machine and hung the towels. This was around 5 p.m. The wind picked up and I was feeling positive. Fifteen minutes later, the sky opened up. It was pouring.

I enlisted help and moved the rack underneath an overhang on the back porch. I worried about the other load waiting in the washer – clean and wet – to be hung. Rookie mistake. I vowed next time to check the weather before outdoor drying. And to read some instructions.

By 11 p.m. the sheets were actually dry but nothing else was. It rained for two more days. I bet that when we left, the remaining damp items were transferred into the dryer.

Alexandra Zissu

Alexandra Zissu is a green living expert, environmental health journalist, eco consultant, speaker, and mom. She’s the author of The Conscious Kitchen, and co-author of The Butcher's Guide To Well-Raised Meat

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