Active Ingredients for Healthy Skin Immunity

Active Ingredients for Healthy Skin Immunity

As a parent, you can carefully select hydrating, nourishing and protective all-natural ingredients, which specifically and safely help support skin immunity proper moisture and nutritional balance to support skin health.

Many nutrients applied to the skin are absorbed into the bloodstream and distributed throughout the body. Unfortunately, the same is true for harmful chemicals that are remarkably prevalent in personal care products – even those marketed for babies.

Here are some healthy ingredients to look for:

Probiotics: Probiotics support healthy bacteria that are necessary for the skin’s strength and immune system. They are particularly important for eczema or other bothered skin conditions.

Organics: Organic ingredients have more nutritional value for the skin with greater antioxidant capabilities than their non-organic counterparts.

Natural Fruit Extracts: With the high polyphenol content found in natural fruit butters and extracts, you can soothe your baby’s skin, benefiting from fruit’s super antioxidant properties.

While many parents worry about their kids’ exposure to the chemicals and pollutants found in food and the air, the absorption of toxins through the skin is a health risk that is often overlooked. Skin acts as our barrier to the environment, but it is designed to be permeable – meaning substances both healthy and unhealthy pass through the skin into the body.

Health risks including increased rates of cancer, allergies, mental illness, nervous system disorders, endocrine dysfunction and many others have been unequivocally linked to the increased chemicals present in our environment. While everyone is at risk from such exposure, babies and young children pay the highest price.

Kim Walls

Kim Walls, M.S., is the mother of two young boys and a serial entrepreneur. Kim has recently launched a new website - to educate expecting parents about the value of skin-to-skin contact in the newborn period.

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