5 Ways to Get More Exercise with Your Kids

As a busy work at home mom, it’s hard to get enough exercise in each week. I know I’m not alone, but it doesn’t stop me from trying to figure out ways to sneak more exercise in.

I’m far from perfect with my exercise habits, but I’m trying. That’s all us busy moms can do, right? Here are 5 ways that I use to get more bursts of exercise in with my kids.

Go For a Walk Around the Park

We live just about a block from the park, so it’s really easy to take a daily stroll down there when it’s warm enough. The entire park is gated and only has one entrance/exit, so it’s very easy for me to keep an eye on the girls. I like to wear my running shoes when I take them to the park so I can walk the perimeter of the park while they play. Sometimes they join me and want to race, and other times they continue playing and wave to me while I walk.

Kid Friendly Yoga Videos

I noticed that my kids naturally put themselves into yoga positions like child’s pose and downward facing dog. So I like to encourage them with fun yoga videos. I am starting to see more yoga videos targeted towards children. It’s a fun way to get some exercise and have fun together at the same time!

Have a Dance Party

Since my husband is a musician, music is an integral part of our home. When Daddy’s home, he plays the guitar and sings so the girls can dance their little hearts out. Since I’m not exactly musical myself, we like to turn on some music and dance around and be silly together. It’s another great way to couple exercise and fun.

Game of Tag

I don’t know what it is, but all kids love to play tag. Whenever we’re outside, it’s one game the girls always ask me to play with them. Playing tag always leads to lots of giggles and smiles. The side benefit is short bursts of exercise.

Take a Hike

We’re fortunate to live in the mountains where we can walk out of our door and not be too far from hiking trails. But you can make your own hiking adventure just about anywhere. Whether you’re going for a walk around the block or up a mountain, hiking is a great way to get fresh air and exercise with your kids.

What’s your favorite way to exercise with your kids?

Published on: April 04, 2013
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