5 Tips For Preparing Your Child For the New Baby

Having a baby is both an exciting and often stressful time for a family. For mom and dad, there are preparations to be made, both emotionally and around the home, and for other children in the house, it can be the cause of much anxiety. Children, particularly younger ones, don’t completely understand what to expect when a new baby comes into the picture. Very often, it’s a shock to realize that things with mom and dad have changed because there’s a new little person in the house – who is not going away.

Parents are wise to prepare their children for the arrival of the new baby before she comes home. By doing so, the transition to a bigger family will be smoother all around. Following are 5 tips that expectant parents can take to prepare their children for the new arrival. Here are 5 Tips For Preparing Your Child For the New Baby:

1)  Tell the child what to expect – Give your child an understanding about what will happen when the baby comes home. Provide as many details as possible so that she feels comfortable with the changes that will follow the new arrival.

2)  Answer any questions and ease concerns – Along with telling her what to expect, now’s the time to also be open and available to speak about whatever your child wants to know. Knowledge is power and your son or daughter will have a number of questions regarding the new scenario. Answer to the best of your abilities so that your little one will feel like they are prepared for their new brother or sister’s arrival.

3)  Reassure the child – Be as loving and reassuring as you can. Let your child know that you still love them as much as ever and that won’t change when the baby comes home. Now, more than ever, the will need this reassurance.

4)  Let your child help with preparations – Including your child in some of the planning and shopping related to the baby will help get him prepared. Let him help set up the baby’s room, among other tasks so that he will get used to the idea and will feel connected with his future sibling.

5)  Make your child feel included – Ideally your little one should feel connected to the new baby, in a positive way. This can be achieved a few ways, such as letting the child feel the baby kick, talking to them about babies’ behavior and reading books about new babies. The more involved your child feels, the less likely she will feel jealous of the new arrival.

Samantha Kemp-Jackson

Samantha Kemp-Jackson is a writer, media personality and mother of four -- an adult daughter in her twenties, identical twin boys who are four and a nine-year-old daughter in-between. Samantha brings her unique viewpoint on parenting to her popular blog Multiple Mayhem Mamma.

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