3, 2, 1… ENERGY! It’s Moms vs. Showbusiness Showdown

Moms vs ShowbusinessDisclosure: A version of this piece previously posted on TheFabMom.com

E-N-E-R-G-Y. It’s a mystery of motherhood. Keeping up my energy between being a mom and working in showbusiness has been my personal experiment. And here’s one of my findings:

Moms who work in entertainment just might be conditioned to handle motherhood best. A bold accusation, I know, but stick with me.

This crazed new philosophy recently crashed together while comparing notes about showbiz and motherhood with some of my dearest TV colleagues. (Ok, we were drinking wine, but…)

I can tell you from experience (10+ years in entertainment, 3+ years in motherhood): Getting camera-ready and mom-ing at home share a common & demanding requirement: ENERGY.

No other job in the world requires more HUSTLE than motherhood. No other job in the world requires more HUSTLE than showbusiness.

The toils, trials and tribulations of motherhood are ever-evolving, unending and thankless. You’re never “done.” The toils, trials and tribulations of working in showbusiness are ever-evolving, unending and thankless. You’re never “done.”

The more I think, the more I laugh. Consider these musings:

Moms get crapped on frequently. (Literally.) You too? Me too. Those who work in entertainment/news get crapped on frequently. Whether it’s being yelled at by a crazy director/producer/executive/camera-man/fill-in-the-blank-here who’s having a bad day and stressed about ratings, or just flat out not being renewed at a job (a job that you actually did a pretty good job at) just for the sake of ‘making a change’… us showbiz gals get crapped on (figuratively).

Stinky Diapers

Image courtesy of Jill Simonian

Moms often do the same thing over and over again. Sing this song! Unload the dishwasher! Braid my hair! Load the washer! Make me a snack! Day in and day out, it’s the SAME ROTATING PATTERN. I seriously think I’ve assisted with princess costume changes a record 7,345 times in the last month alone. (You too?)

But over the years I’ve developed stamina for it: Those who entertain others for a living must often do the same thing over and over and over again. Stage and screen performers do dozens of takes and multiple performances… and are required to make each effort appear fresh and happy and energetic. Making lines look and sound fresh is our job. You need that again? No problem! Smile and do it.

Moms get their sleep patterns all jacked up. (No explanation needed there.) Those who work in news get their sleep patterns all jacked up. Try waking up at 2am (for a morning news shift), or working a 16-hour day (any actor will tell you that’s normal), or not sleeping more than 3 hours a night (red carpet Awards season) or working an overnight shift because the ITV morning show in the UK that you’re filling in for needs you to do a live satellite hit at 1am local time because it’s 9am over in England. (Sleep? What’s that again?)

Does this sound like your life?

Jill Simonian

Jill Simonian is a Television Host, Reporter and Mom & Family Lifestyle Expert. As Founder/Blogger of the fresh and motivating online resource TheFabMom.com, Jill inspires women to keep life focused, fun and as close to fabulous as possible after having babies (with tons of funny fails) through her own personal tales of motherhood.

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